Alley Hoops
File:Alley Hoops.png


2-4 Players


Each player tries to get as many balls in the basket as possible. Remember: time throws just right to avoid collision! Get the golden ball in the net for 3 points!


Hold the Wii Remote level in front of you.

Lift the Wii Remote to jump, and shake it while jumping to shoot the ball.

Alley Hoops is a minigame in Wii Party U. The name is a pun on the basketball term "alley-oop".


The players are in a basketball court throwing basketballs. They must jump up and throw the ball inside the net to score points. The player with the most points wins.

Golden basketballs are worth 3 points.

In Spot the Sneak, the Sneak can grab a golden basketball at any time by pressing B.