Beginner Miis are the easiest CPUs in Wii Party and Wii Party U.

The other 4 higher CPU Skills are Standard, Advanced, Expert and Master.


Wii Party

Abby, Alex, Andy, Chika, Gwen, Haru, James, Jessie, Julie, Mia, Miguel, Mike, Miyu, Nelly, Patrick, Saburo, Sarah, Shohei, Tatsuaki and Tommy.

1- Beginner

Wii Party U

Adrien, Alphonse, Anna, Bernardo, Bruce, Chris, David, Donna, Elena, Enrique, Gerald, Haruka, Hee-joon, Ivo, Ji-hoon, Kentaro, Mitsu, Pian-Pian, Pit, Rui, Xiaojian, Xue-Ren and Yunyun.

1- Beginner-0


  • In Wii Party U, Beginner is the CPU Skill with most Miis on it, with 23. All the other CPU Skills have 22 Miis.

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