Commuter Count


1 vs 1


"Count up all the passengers riding on the train as it's rushes by!"


Press A to count each Mii that you see! You won't know each other's totals until the game is over.

Commuter Count is a 1 Versus 1 Mini-game that involves trains. Use the A Button for every Mii on the train. When the train passes through, the 3 second timer will appear. The player that pressed the A Button number of times will display on the side of the screen. The camera goes to the station platform where the train has stopped. The train door opens and the number is at the top. In the official website, there are 15 Miis. It'll be more or less than 15, so don't overdo it.


In Japan this game is called Mii Count (Miiカウント Mii Kaunto)

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