Expert Miis are harder than the 3 lower difficulties (Beginner, Standard and Advanced). They are unlocked after winning a TV Party game against the Advanced Miis.


Wii Party

Rin, Jake, Greg, Keiko, David, Shinta, Rachel, Hayley, Midori, Sandra, Theo, Gabi, Silke, Rainer, Kentaro, Martin, Eduardo, Susana, Shinnosuke, and Eva.

Wii Party U

Mizuho, Marit, Dunbar, Giulia, Akira, Eduardo, Pavel, Léonie, Hyun-woo, Zi-Kai, Xixi, Sophia, Claudia, Jesús, Matt, Steven, André, Leonel, Paula, Mónica, Marie and Skip

Expert Miis are harder than Advanced. 

Expert (Wii Party)

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