Expert Miis are harder than the 3 lower difficulties (Beginner, Standard and Advanced). They are unlocked after winning a TV Party game against the Advanced Miis.


Wii Party

David, Eduardo, Eva, Gabi, Greg, Hayley, Jake, Keiko, Kentaro, Martin, Midori, Rachel, Rainer, Rin, Sandra, Shinnosuke, Shinta, Silke, Susana and Theo.

4- Expert

Wii Party U

Akira, André, Claudia, Dunbar, Eduardo, Giulia, Hyun-woo, Jesús, Leonel, Léonie, Marie, Marit, Matt, Mizuho, Mónica, Paula, Pavel, Skip, Sophia, Steven, Xixi and Zi-kai.

4- Expert-0

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