Free Play is a mode where you can play any minigame you want.

Game Play

In this mode, you may choose minigames from the four types of minigames: 4-player, 1 vs. 1, 1 vs. 3, and Pair. Then, you may choose which minigame you want to play. There is no rules, so have fun with it!

To see what the four types minigames are exactly, see the Minigame page.

Modes in Wii Party
Party Games: Board Game Island - Globe Trot - Swap Meet - Spin-Off - Bingo

Pair Games: Friend Connection - Balance Boat - Match-Up

House Party: Animal Tracker - Hide 'n' Hunt - Time Bomb - Word Bomb - Buddy Quiz

Minigames: Free Play - Battle - Solo - Challenge - Spot the Sneak

Others: Suggestions - Rankings

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