GamePad Island is a TV Party mode in Wii Party U which is one of the three successors of the Board G

Wii Party U - Gamepad Island! (HD).mp4 snapshot 00.33 -2015.11.16 21.57.24-

Players getting ready to play GamePad Island before bedtime.

ame Island.

Gameplay (rules)

The gameplay is similar to Board Game Island but instead of a standard roll each time, there are minigames which determine the results of the rolls.

Modes in Wii Party U
TV Party: Highway Rollers - GamePad Island - Mii Fashion Plaza - The Balldozer - Teammate Madness

House Party: Button Smashers - Name That Face - Lost-and-Found Square - Sketchy Situation - Do U Know Mii? - Water Runners - Feed Mii! - Dance with Mii

GamePad Party: Tabletop Foosball - Tabletop Baseball - Mii-in-a-Row - Tabletop Gauntlet - Tabletop Minigames - Animal Matchup - Puzzle Blockade

Minigames: Minigame Collection - Freeplay Challenge - Bridge Burners - Dojo Domination - Battle of the Minigames - Tabletop Tournament - Spot the Sneak

Others: Suggestions - Archives

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