Master Miis are the hardest CPU Miis. These Miis are unlocked after winning a TV Party game against the Experts, but are always your partner in Balance Boat strangely.


Wii Party

These are Lucia, Matt, Akira, Pablo, Tyrone, Victor, Eddy, Hiromasa, Sakura. Stephanie, Pierre, George, Yoko, Marisa, Asami, Emma, Steph, Jackie, Takumi, and Alisha.

Wii Party U

Yuehua, Na-rae, Rie, Susie, Barry, Faustine, Maximilian, Joana, Jeff, Daisuke, Olga, Jianjun, Yuya, Bo-Jia, William, Joost, Clara, Araceli, Sara, John, Polly and Elena (Barbara in Wii Sports Club)

Master (Wii Party)

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