Name That Face Info

Name that face is a fun game that all your family can participate in. to play this game you need all four players then you can play. you don't need to have real people playing you can get computer players to play as well as your self. be sure to share as you play by that it means just play fairly. treat others with respect while playing. Also more about the game this is a FUN FOR EVERYONE game. you at least need to be over the age of 6 to play this game right.



just like any game you must pick the mii your going to play with if you have any others playing with you they will need to pick there Mii's too if you have no one playing with you the computers will fill in for you. the clock starts at 30 seconds then the game begins each point is 5 at the end of the time whoever has the most points wins!!!!


please don't fight over who plays may lead to injury.

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