Table Top Baseball rules how to play

This game is a very appropriate game rated G this game can only be played by 1/2 players but it doesn't kill anyone to have turns with other family members. this is a fun and exiting game for everyone 7plus to play. this game is FUN FOR EVERYONE! The rules will be explained in the rules heading.



Each player must pick there mii and play on the fields by that it means the first Mii player will have the first go and be served the ball and second one will serve balls and watch. You must try and hit it far then a run is scored. the player with the most points will win the game. the amount of balls will be counted to.

Safety advice

please play fairly among all players of the family do not fight or use direct body actions its just best to tell an adult if you get into a fight this is not dobbing its a safety warning.

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