Table Top foosball

Table Top Foosball is a classic game which involves 2 players battling over the classic game of foosball in the all new tabletop foosball! A new fun extension to Wii play U an all new and fun wii game / extension. this is another FUN FOR EVERYONE game and this game is suitable for the whole family to play. but it is recommended that everyone over the age of 6 plays not under 6.



each player will choose there Miis to play with after that they the 2 Miis will go against each other the first to score it in someone else's goal will get a point the player with the most points win the game. this is a very simple game to play.

Complete CPU Mii Chart (Wii Party)

Safety Rules

To avoid injury make sure to take turns and play fairly ask nicely if the other player is not sharing communicate to them don't use direct contact to the other player just ask nicely

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