Wii U party tabletop Mini games basics

In the entertaining Wii party Table top Mini games section there are over 14 mini games to play all with different purposes. This entertainment can be played by 4 players so in that case it's a family game!


This picture here is showing one of the mini games. These games are original and unique completed with your Mii characters playing them. These games are mostly for two people but your family of 4/5/6 can play As long as they like to share these amazing fun for everyone games!!

Game List

  • Fast Foodies
  • Fishing Buddies
  • Bot Building
  • Plunder plunge
  • splish-splash boats
  • clumb rumber jacks
  • Danger ball dodger
  • Scratch n' Find Mii
  • Slot Car Circuit
  • Winged Pursuit
  • Curling competition
  • Sumo Smack down
  • power punches
  • chicken