The volcano is a part of Board Game Island. It has two purposes, both act as an annoyance to the player.

In The Volcano

As a penalty place

When a player lands on a skull space or fails the 4th challenge, he/she gets pushed inside the volcano and their turn ends. Starting with his/her next turn, he/she must cover the 9-space route in the volcano before re-entering the main island where he/she was before he dropped in. He/She can also get out by stepping exactly on the shiny space of the volcano (the 4th space).

Further rules with players in volcano

Players in the volcano:

  • cannot be challenged to a 1 vs 1 minigame
  • cannot be switched with another player by an UFO (just like the player on the same square)
  • cannot be blown back by the tornado (just like the player at the start)

Order of spaces in volcano

  1. +4
  2. empty
  3. +4
  4. back to island
  5. empty
  6. empty
  7. empty
  8. empty
  9. back to island

Volcano eruption

When a player lands on the volcano space, they don't get dropped into the volcano, instead the volcano erupts. It means that for the next 3 turns, all action spaces on the island are -4 spaces (strangely enough, inside the volcano nothing happens). When a player steps on a -4 space during this period, rocks from the volcano fall on them, pushing him/her back four spaces. If they land on a -4 space again, another rock comes, and they go back again. And so on.

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